Our Unique Logo

Heather Barranco Dreamcakes’ logo features a delicate, dual paisley design, one light purple and the other dark. The paisley (or ambi, meaning mango) symbolizes man and woman, the yin and yang, and has a centuries-old tie to wedding ceremonies and times of great joy. Throughout India and the Middle East, artists have applied henna paisleys to the hands and feet of brides and her immediate family prior to the ceremony to symbolize life, fertility, good luck and love. It is used in times of celebration, just as Dreamcakes is there for all your joyous occasions.

For her own extended family and friends, Heather has applied intricate henna paisley designs to family members and friends before their big days and finds the process requires the same careful hand one needs to pipe a wedding cake. The purple and brown colors of the Dreamcakes paisley logo represent creativity and chocolate, respectively. The stitching motif is to underscore that Dreamcakes are all original, hand-made and custom-designed.