Quinceanera Cakes

(Pasteles de Quinceanera)

Quinceanera literally means ‘one who is 15’, and is a celebration of a girl’s transition from child to young adult. Closely related to a Sweet Sixteen, it is celebrated mainly in Latin American countries, but can also be found further a-field such as in New York City and New Jersey. The traditions surrounding the event vary greatly between each country, but tend to include dancing, toasting, and a cake – a Pasteles de Quinceanera.

The Dominican Republic probably takes the cake when it comes to their Pasteles de Quinceanera, it is considered to be a very important part of the ceremony and the specialty cakes can become quite huge in size. Mexico, on the whole, focuses more on the dancing and the music, and there are a number of traditions borne around this. It is meant to be the first time that a young woman wears makeup or dances in public, although this is no longer always the case.

Virtually anything goes with Quinceanera cakes; the cake eating is towards the end of the event and there is little formality to it. Cakes tend to be large and expressive, with many tiers. Many Pasteles de Quinceanera resemble traditional wedding cakes but with more color; others are split into many sections.

One thing to remember with Pasteles de Quinceanera is that they should not be too childish; the young woman is celebrating becoming an adult and the best cakes are elegant. Furthermore there is a tendency for decadence in these cake designs, which is not necessarily a bad thing, just be sure that the Quinceanera in question is involved in the cake buying process, as well as in other party planning such as her dress, her music, the venue and the decorations. It is, after all, her special day.

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