Kosher & Pareve Cakes

We’ve been blessed! Same delicious cakes, same exact recipes…now Kosher. All of our cakes and baked goods are now Kosher dairy, unless requested Pareve. Now, you can have a beautiful and delicious Kosher wedding cake. All of our cakes are made from scratch with natural, top-quality ingredients, including farm fresh cream, fresh strawberries, and homemade caramel. Our bakery is certified Kosher by Rabbi Cooper of South Orange, New Jersey’s Oleb Shalom; a conservative Jewish temple.

What does it mean to be Kosher? We use ingredients and brands that have been approved by the Rabbi, such as Domino sugar, which is Kosher versus a no-name brand that is not marked Kosher. The Rabbi comes into the bakery to check our ingredients about 3-4 times per month. Our cakes do not taste different from non-Kosher cakes, with exception of Pareve desserts. Pareve desserts do not contain butter or milk products. Our typical cakes and desserts are Kosher dairy, meaning that they contain butter and milk. This includes our everyday products sold in the stores.
Pareve Cakes can be made special request. All of our Pareve utensils are separate and are baked separately than dairy desserts. We also do not bake on Saturdays. Pareve cakes can be made into a unique custom cake or tiered wedding cake. We also have Pareve fondant so, your cake can have the highest quality beauty and design. The above gallery shows some examples of Pareve cakes we’ve made recently.

If you would like a custom or specialty cake made for you, then call + to schedule an appointment with one of our leading cake designers. Custom cakes are made to order. We have several locations throughout NYC & NJ area. For customers who are not local we can do cake consultations over the phone. We can ship some cake designs.

  • Please note, we have a 5-business day minimum on ordering a custom cake. Cakes ordered with less than 4-day notice includes a rush fee.
  • Dreamcakes are priced by the design and serving size. Sculpted sugar paste figurines of people or characters are additional in cost.
  • Our minimum order for a custom designed cake is $300 with prices starting at $6/slice.
  • Delivery anywhere in the tri-state area is additional and is calculated by distance. You may also pick up your cake in our South Orange, New Jersey store.

We also design these types of Custom Specialty Cakes: