Heather Barranco Dreams Big In Cake

Designer, illustrator, renowned party giver, and big-time dreamer, Heather Barranco, created Heather Barranco Dreamcakes as a delicious way to collaborate with clients on their dreams and interpret them into sensational cake experiences.A graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City in 1996, Heather enjoyed a successful career as an innovative product designer before launching her business. She has apprenticed under renowned author and cake designer, Colette Peters of Colette’s Cakes, where she finessed her cake designing skills, and attended the prestigious French Culinary Institute in New York City with an emphasis on decorating specialty cakes. Recently, Heather’s Vogue cake was named an award winner at the 2011 Garden State Cake Show.Heather started dreaming about showpiece cakes long before these more recent accomplishments. By the age of 14, Heather spent weekends and vacations experimenting in making pastries and increasingly ambitious cakes. In time, Heather gained a reputation as the go-to girl for outrageous birthday cakes and special-occasion desserts. There was the princess cake, the orchid-covered, five-tier wedding cake, and the teapot cake she made for a friend’s bridal shower. Novelty cakes created for her three children’s birthday parties became legendary among her friends.Heather’s background in product design has given her cake-sculpting abilities a traditional baker would not possess. Before beginning Dreamcakes, Heather conceived new products for some of the world’s largest corporations– including Crayola, OXO, L’Oreal, Fisher-Price, Sharper Image and Ralph Lauren Home. She now utilizes her training in 3-D design to sculpt in flour and fondant.In her free time, Heather has also been known to make her own mahogany furniture, so creating the structures to support a towering wedding cake or specialty cake is, well, a piece of cake.

Through her talent as an illustrator, evident in other projects she has taken on in past venues such as children’s book illustrations and advertising, Heather transforms her Dreamcakes, expertly hand-painting them with edible watercolors.Heather’s love of travel and world culture influences much of her design work and flavor repertoire. Personal favorites are Indian art and sculpture and Moorish design. Her business is rooted in her growing up among a large, extended Italian family, where great food and delicious desserts accompanied stories of “way back when.”Heather comes from a great culinary and special event background. Her father was a chef who specialized in ice sculptures and ornate fruit sculptures. Heather’s paternal grandparents started the first special-event catering business on Staten Island in the 1940s. Her maternal grandparents ran two Italian bakeries before eventually focusing on what is now the longest running bridal dress shop in Staten Island, currently owned and managed by Heather’s mother.

With such a background, Heather came to equate family, happiness and love of others with amazing food and, of course, wonderful desserts. It’s only natural she’d want to nurture that feeling with the community. As a client of Heather Barranco Dreamcakes, you will receive a cake designed and baked especially for you and your dreams. Please contact us at +, by email at info@heatherbarranco.com or visit us by appointment in our NYC or NJ location to start your Dreamcake.