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What do cake designers do in their free time? Do we make cake? Eat cake? Read cake cookbooks?  Actually, we read one of the funniest websites called Cakewrecks.com to kick back and unwind. Cake Wrecks have compiled photos on everything from “creepy baby cakes”, “celebrity cake wrecks” and even “8 cakes for completely inappropriate occasions“. Some of their comments are so funny, that I was crying. One of my personal favorites is the photo of Michael Jackson’s sweet sixteen cake, and the caption below it stating “Because every 16-year-old boy dreams of having a giant wicker basket of roses on his birthday cake.”

If you are in a mood to see some funny photos and just laugh, this is a great site. Some of the humor is dark, but it’s very amusing. Their motto is “when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.”

Has Dreamcakes been asked to do a cake that I would consider strange? The simple answer is yes. We’re in New York City. There are no shortage of unique requests. But as a native New Yorker, I must say, it does take a lot to surprise me!

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  1. Many of the cake makers are available online but I had never seen like you. Your snowboard cake is awesome. I like it. Thanks for this.

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