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10 Tips for Stylish NYC Wedding Cakes

I’m often told that our wedding cakes look more like a line of NYC Wedding Cakes rather than a line NJ Wedding Cakes. Why is that? New Jersey is just right across the tunnel. I happen to live there and love it. Do people expect individuals from NJ to simply look like they are straight out of the “The Jersey Shore” show? Maybe because NYC is associated with cutting edge style; the epi-center for museums, fashion and art. We have locations in both NYC and NJ but most of are clients are NYC-based.

Here’s my top 10 tips on how to make a wedding cake look stylish:

1. Don’t be afraid of a little color. Use pops of color that you see in fashion but make sure the colors don’t clash.

2. Make sure your cake has some negative space to give your eye a rest

3. Know when to edit! Too many themes or design elements make a cake look cheap or jumbled.

4. Bling is like makeup. A little bit goes a long way. You need to know when to edit the bling to a shimmer rather than looking too ostentatious.

5. Save the swags for the living room curtains, not the cake.

6. Delicate details make the cake look “wedding” and special, whether it is some hand-painted designs, hand-made sugar flowers or piped lace details.

7. Feng-Shui. The cake needs to have a sense of balance of scale, flow and movement for it to look high-style.

8. Add some personality to your cake. Make your cake unique by adding some unconventional and unexpected design elements. Above, we added plexiglass tier separators to make this cake stand-out.

9. Think of the tone of your wedding and make your cake reflect that. Is it romantic, modern, traditional, retro or whimsical? This tone should be followed through all the elements of your wedding including your cake. Make an inspiration board to keep you on track.

10. A delicious cake never goes out of style! There is nothing worse than cutting into a beautiful cake that you can’t swallow. Many venues include the cake in the price of the plate. Sometimes, these cakes are not very good. Make sure to taste the cake before ordering it. Many venues will give you a credit if you want to go with your own cake designer.


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