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Exclusive Partnership with Kleinfeld Bridal of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress”

Who wouldn’t want to be associated with Kleinfeld Bridal? Every young girl’s dream wedding includes purchasing a dress at their store and saying “yes to the dress!”. Kleinfeld’s bridal appointments are so much in demand that their waiting list stretches a number of months in advance. Heather Barranco Dreamcakes is proud to announce our exclusive partnership with New York’s Kleinfeld Bridal, of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress”.  We are now listed as one of the top two preferred wedding cake designers on their website; under Partners. Kleinfeld Bridal and Heather Barranco Dreamcakes share a common vision and commitment to high-quality, fashion-forward products and exceptional customer service. We are thrilled to be associated with them and love working with all their wonderful associates.

Recently, we spent the day with the team and I took a number of photos with the cast of “Say Yes to the Dress”. Pictured above from left to right, Sarah Valasquez, Nicole Sacco, Heather Barranco (Me), Camille Coffey, Joan Roberts and our cake. With a big smile, Joan Roberts, Director of Sales and Bridal Manager, warmly pulled me aside and said “Your work is really beautiful. I thought I have an amazing job…but, your work looks like SO much fun!” We conversed, then it was off to celebrate Pnina Tornai’s Birthday.

As many of the Kleinfeld fans would notice, their dresses are absolutely gorgeous, especially those from their exclusive dress designer, Pnina Tornai, known for her sexy, embellished designs. We were invited by Kleinfeld to create a special birthday cake for Pnina. We started by creating 4 concepts and sending sketches to Kleinfeld, which they then placed on their Facebook page where fans could choose their favorite.

We tried to capture Pnina‘s essence as a designer in our cake concept. Her work is fashion-forward, vixen-like, feminine, show-stopping and exciting.


Pnina was totally surprised by the impromptu birthday celebration and cake and gasped in excitement upon seeing her cake. Later, as she was moved by all the love and attention, and as she continued to bask in the moment she said, “I have seen a LOT of beautiful cakes…being in this business…I ‘ve seen and had beautiful cakes made for me, but this…I have never seen anything as spectacular as this. WOW! This is a whole other level! I’ve worked with the very best cake designers. One made me a handbag cake, which was cool, but this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” She then took more pictures with her phone to immediately send to friends around the world.

I asked Pnina what she loved about the cake. Pnina replied,” Your design captured the essence of our brand. It is amazing. I love the beautiful sewing machine on top, showing that we are couture and our signature corset back.” “My finale dress out of sugar is magnificent. I love all the pink roses with the bling. How did you know that I love pink?”, exclaimed Pnina.“Oh, and the pearls are for our new 2012 pearl embellished collection. How beautiful, I love it. I have to send some pictures to all my friends and family! This is unbelievable!”, said Pnina.  As she bit into the cake, she exclaimed, “It’s red velvet? I love red velvet! Mmmm!” We made enough cake to be shared with the entire 150 person Kleinfeld staff.

Pnina‘s husband, pictured to the right, asked “Can you ship this cake? Can we bring this back with us on the plane to Israel?!! I want to show it to everyone.”


To learn more about Kleinfeld Bridal visit their website http://www.Kleinfeldbridal.com. Kleinfeld Bridal was founded over 60 years ago in Brooklyn, NY. Later they moved their store into Manhattan’s Chelsea District. Kleinfeld has a reputation for unsurpassed service and quality. Clients travel from all over the country and even the world to buy their special dress at Kleinfeld.

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  1. Wow Heather this is incredible, beautiful and stunning!!! Many many congratulations from Montreal!!! xx
    Rachel, An English Rose Wedding Design

  2. jeanette krug says:

    I would like to know if Monte and lori are related? I cant find anything about them here.Could you tell me a little more about these two. I just love both of them. thanks

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