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Elephant Groom’s Cake Featured by Brides Magazine

Our Elephant Groom’s Cake was just recently chosen by Brides.com (Brides Magazine) as the “Cake of the Day” on Valentines’s Day! I met with an editor from Brides Magazine and she loved this cake. For those of you who have not yet seen it, here are some pictures.

This cake was inspired by my photos from a trip to India; specifically Jaipur. You can read more about it and see pictures here. The moment I saw that beautifully painted elephant I knew I would use it for a design.

Can you guess how many hours it took to make this cake from start to finish? Over 60 hours! This also includes design time which can take over a day, doing sketching and planning. The elephant cake has been one of our our most time-consuming designs because of the very intricate details. Now you must be asking yourself how can we be working on this cake for 60 hours? Does the cake get stale? When we have a cake like this, 4-5 of our decorators will work on it at once to get it done in a timely manner, because the cake needs to be fresh and delicious. So don’t worry your cake will taste as good as it looks!

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