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Hermes Birkin Bag Birthday Cake

Sometimes our clients are practical jokers, which could be a lot of fun with a novelty cake. One client from New York City called us to order a purse cake as a joke for her daughter’s 21st birthday. The daughter had asked her mother for a Hermes Birkin Bag for her birthday. The mother told us that these purses can range in the price range of $10,000- $25,000 +.

Mom wanted to have the purse cake on the table at the restaurant when her daughter and friends walked in. They would all have to do a double take to see if it was real! So we tried our best to make it look like the real Hermes Bag in blue; her daughter’s favorite. We even added a leather texture to the fondant, as well as all the gold hardware so it would appear real.

On top of the purse sat a little hand-sculpted sugar paste figurine of the daughter holding a shopping bag. Mom sent over a picture of the birthday girl as a reference so it would resemble her.

Our client also added some cupcakes to the order. She thought that her daughter may have trouble cutting into the only Birkin she may ever receive for her birthday!


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