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Cake for Bravo TV’s Real Housewife of NY- Ramona Singer

Marla asked Dreamcakes to create a special surprise birthday cake for her best friend of 25 years, Ramona Singer- from Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of New York City. It was exciting because I watch this show from time to time and know a bit about her. ¬†Marla asked me to make a copy of another cake she loved on our website. But, I wanted to create a unique design around Ramona’s jewelry line, True Faith. She talks about it on the show all the time. Marla told me that Ramona’s favorite color is orange, so it was used as a punch color for the flowers. Grey will be hot in 2012. Who better to appreciate a new hot color then a NYC Housewife?

Marla loved the idea and asked to add the idea of her new Ramona Pinot Grigio wine. But how could we integrate the two together in one harmonious design? We decided to wrap the jewelry around the bottle then make it look like it was draped all over the bottle. Our dream team worked on making all of Ramona’s jewelry line in sugar paste. We then, painted the jewelry to look like diamonds with edible glitter dust. This took 3 days to make all the jewelry.

We made a silicone mold of a wine bottle. Then poured hot isomalt, an edible sugar, in the mold. It came out beautifully. We hand-painted the label design on the sugar bottle to look like Ramona’s Pinot Grigio wine.

The cake was delivered to Bar Italia in NYC. I personally delivered that cake with one of the Dreamcakes’ interns, Trevanne; a huge fan of The Real Housewives of NYC. When we walked in with the cake, Ramona kept saying “Oh my God, that’s amazing!” I said to her, “do you recognize the jewelry?” All of her friends crowded around to see. There was an array of blonde haired beauties with iphones twittering photos of Ramona and I with the cake.

Then one of her friends asked if the bottle was real. I explained that it was made of sugar. Ramona gasped in shock, then started screaming loudly and jumping up and down. It was especially funny when she did a little dance to show her excitement. We all started laughing while she pretended to lick the bottle with her friends. Ramona is full of energy and very lively. I can see why she is on TV.

She is very beautiful and petite in person. I must admit that she also looks younger in real life. She’s my favorite NYC housewife so it was a blast to meet her and make a cake for her birthday.

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