Dreams in Cake

Our Dream Photographer: Cate Scaglione

What would a photo of a dream look like? How would I capture that in our photos? I had been asking myself that very question when I found the beautiful work of Cate Scaglione.

Cate is a wonderful baby and child photographer that has artfully captured some of my work for you all to see. Why would I hire a baby photographer to shoot our “cake” products? Well, I happened to find Cate’s work on facebook one day. She actually was in my graduating high school class in Staten Island. This is not why I hired her.

Looking through portfolios of food photographers, I was unimpressed with the general lack of emotion. That’s not what I wanted. The cakes we make have so much heart in them that I needed it to shine through in the photos. Our photographer would need to understand that our cakes have an emotional quality to them, and capture that in a photo. Our cake photos needed to have a “soul”. The people that we create them for have such amazing stories that we really try to capture that into their cake designs.

I pictured the dreamcake photos to be more like how you’re imagining your wedding in a dream. It fades in and out, it sparkles and shines; you feel the laughter and happiness. How does one capture an underlining feeling of joy and bliss? Capturing this would need to be done in a very subtle, delicate manner.  This to me is done with two things, light and focus. The artists’ Vermeer and Rembrant do a wonderful job of telling a story with light and dark. Their work has mystery, beauty, nostalgia, serenity and soul.

I was looking for all the qualities in a photographer that I found in my favorite artists. I saw that in Cate’s photos of these delicate sweet babies. I was in awe of her sense of  storytelling through photography.  I knew she would get me. Not because we had been classmates in our youth, but because her work was beautiful and sweet. I had not been photographed from a professional since my wedding day, 12 years ago, so it was a bit weird but exciting. Anyway, no more talking, I mean writing. Take a look at her work. More can be seen throughout this site. I’ve been waiting until all of my photos were finished so I could show them to you. Click on this link to see her dreamcakes photo slideshow http://gallery.me.com/catescaglione/100718
Thank you Cate…or Catie as we used to call her!


You can view more of Cate Scaglione’s beautiful photos at http://CateScaglione.com. She has a beautiful slideshow of children http://video214.com/play/KolLPO19aM1J2ON9KaDf0A/s/dark.

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