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Amazing NYC performers: Elan Artists

About a month or two ago I had the pleasure of attending an industry event hosted by NY Tent on Long Island. It featured an amazing group of musicians and singers called Elan Artists. They are a group of vocal performance artists featuring all types of genres from soul, pop, to jazz. I never in my life heard bands this good; I had to recommend them in my blog. I felt like I was at a concert with some famous performers. From what their rep told me at the event, two of the people were finalists on American Idol. No surprise. I would say that they sounded better then the typical singers you hear on American Idol. In person, their voices were larger than life and almost hypnotic. I was in awe. They were all truly amazing. The gorgeous female singers looked more like models then singers.

So, if you’re in need of a band for a wedding or special event contact them. I would highly recommend them. This company is full of real pros. I took home one of their complimentary dvds showcasing all their groups and enjoyed it with my kids. Check them out at www.elanartists.com

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