Dreams in Cake

Designer’s cake for a room full of designers

When we were asked by Angela Yeh to create a unique and creative cake for Yeh IDeology’s 5 year anniversary, we knew it had to be good. It would be featured at a big IDSA(Industrial Designers Society of America) event with hundreds of discriminating designers noticing every detail. Because industrial designers are the individuals who design everything from sports cars to iphones, they thrive on innovation. I know how we designers are– being a designer can sometimes be a curse. We notice everything. We’ll notice the tiny crack on the wall, how a color may not be a perfect match, or how a design is just not that good. We also get all tingly and excited when something is new and innovative and will ponder the elegance of a paper clip. This is all true.

So when Angela inquired about a cake, I knew a sheet cake just wouldn’t do for a special design event. I sketched out a few designs then emailed them off to Angela and her team.We created a special set of cakes, varying in scale, as a centerpiece for Yeh Ideology’s 5 year anniversary at Knoll showroom in NYC.

It was a lot of fun featuring a cake that showcased Yeh Ideology’s logo and corporate identity in a creative way. They have a really cool and dynamic website that we were trying to tie into the design. We accented Yeh Ideology’s theme of the night, the button gifts, set against a New York City background. The 4 cakes were varying in size and made to look like they were 3 dimensionally popping out of the skyline. The large NYC background was created from hand-cut fondant then frozen, so it could be lifted without falling apart. It had to be done a few times before being done perfectly.

For the large cake, they selected a creamy and dramatic Red Velvet cake. I love this flavor so much. Cream cheese icing is heavenly. The 3 mini cakes were filled with a Strawberry Shortcake.; vanilla cake, vanilla italian buttercream and fresh strawberries.

See pictures and read more about this event at the Yeh IDeology blog or the online design magazine Core 77.

Yehideology Corporate Cake

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